Once, I Was Waking Home From school... And i saw A Sonic Game.. it was A Normal.. Game. i walked to it and looked at it and it turns out its,

sonic the hedgehog 2. but it was demonic.. i Picked it up and i thought "maybe it still works" What a bad bad idea... so then i put it in my bag and continue walking home. when i get home i put it into the Genesis And it worked "wow it worked that's great" When i turned it on the screen Was Bloody and dark also demonic But I started to think what could be in it so i continue to play it When i did It Just started.. then my screen turned black. and it was a high pitch noise. Then Sonic Jumped up at the screen with a loud Noise Then it went back to the game so i played it But before i continued playing i called my friend and told him "Hey u should come over i have a game we can play" and he told me "Sure i can come over" so he came over and we played it i told him he can go first I knew its going to jump-scare him soon i thought, but i was wrong. it Started to pop up with colors and he could not handle it so he passed out. I got so scared and when it happened i heard a noise from the screen saying "Hey... come here kid..." I scared so loud and i was so scared it made me freeze and then scream It was So scary i ran out of my room and Picked up my friend my friend. he woke up. and told me "Wha-what happened?" i told him the story and he told me "How did that happened??" and then we ran out of the house we could still hear a Beep noise from the window. but i slept over his house that night so the sonic wont scare me and wake me up but then after... When i woke up at 4:00 Am i saw... the game.. i thought "how is it here!!!!???" then my friend woke up and freaked out Quitely We were scared so much then he was so scared that i had to kick it Five times so it fell then we threw it out the window but we then thought. we should burn it!! so it doesn't scare us anymore and come back! so we went outside so fast and picked it up and Put it in the fire place it wasn't turning on tho, so we just grabbed and hit i think two times But. that night i didn't sleep well.. Its Been 3 Years Since Ive seen it. and i thought it it again yesterday and went to a store and saw sonic the hedgehog 2 so i ran out so fast but NEVER PICK UP A DEMONIC RED SONIC GAME!! (Ok so i made this story 1 year ago and its pretty weird XD - Owner)

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